Frequently Asked Questions

How are these loans secured?

The great majority of our loans are unsecured. Loans may sometimes be collateralized with a car title or luxury household goods, but never with access to a borrower’s bank account. We practice “responsible underwriting” and look to the borrowers themselves for repayment.


What is Responsible Lending?

We examine the borrower’s stability, ability and willingness to repay the loan, which we attempt to assess using budgets and credit reports, among other things. Budgets in particular help us to ensure that the loan is AFFORDABLE. Another consideration is our history with the borrower, many of whom are loyal customers who come back year after year. We look at each application independently and never use credit scores only or a scoring model to determine credit-worthiness.


What does an Installment Loan company do?

Traditional Installment Loan companies make loans to consumers which are repaid in equal monthly installments. Our loans range from $200-$1525* and 4 to 11 months in duration. The maximum and minimum loans will vary by state. Please contact your nearest branch for details.


You enjoy:
Fixed monthly payments. Fixed interest rates. Fixed repayment terms. We are NOT a payday lender.


*Loan amounts will vary based on State lending requirements

Applying for a Loan is Easy

Our friendly staff quickly offer installment loan amounts ranging from $200 to $1,525.*

*Loan amounts will vary based on State lending requirements